DUSUSU Projects
DUSUSU | Dream Up Speak Up Stand Up

I am the Co-Founder of the Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up Foundation, which aims to help out-of-school children in developing countries get into school so that their future will be much brighter. To help aid education, we have also partnered with companies to donate new equipment, such as computers [Tanzania], film equipment [Namibia], feminine-care products [South Africa], books and reading material [Nigeria], and more to children.


I also speak at schools to inspire girls to aim high in life and get the best education they can.

I have spoken at schools in Ghana, Cote d'voir, Malawi, Tanzania, Nigeria and Mauritius.

Speaking to Presidents
Speaking to Presidents | Policies

Another thing I do is speak with presidents and prime ministers about the policies they can create to help aid children's (especially girls') education. We talk about the issues and obstacles girls face to education, and actions leaders can take to benefit the youth of today.

Filmmaking Class
Filmmaking Workshops | Providing Skills

I lead a filmmaking class for youth, to provide them with skills they can use so they have more opportunities in life. We have had great results from this program. For example, in our very first film workshop in Namibia, a student mad either very first documentary just after nine months from attending the workshop, and shopped it around to news channels, which is incredible!